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Now here’s a tip

• Go Green Tip: When cooking, use the size pot that fits the burner, or the burner that is the best size for the pot. A 6-inch pot on an 8-inch burner wastes more than 40 percent of the burner’s heat, according to the EPA.

• Use a window squeegee to remove hair from compacted carpets or upholstery.

• “Nail polish remover can remove burned-on plastic from the top of a toaster oven. If you’ve ever forgotten to remove the bread bag, you can appreciate the tip.” — B.P., via email

• “We’re a busy family, so each week, the dinner menu is posted on the fridge in a plastic paper-holding sleeve. Behind it are the recipes or instructions for that week’s meals. Whoever gets home first gets things started. That person also pulls anything that needs to be defrosted for the next meal. It has worked to help everyone do their share.” — P.L. in Ohio

• Another busy family tip: “On the door from our garage to the house, my husband used both magnetic paint and chalkboard paint. It’s the door we use most to come in, and we write notes to one another here.” — K.S. in Wisconsin

• Children’s art can be used in many ways: laminated as a placemat, temporary bookmark, stationery to family members or decoration for gifts (when cut and pasted onto plaincolor wrapping paper.

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