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Now here’s a tip

• To crisp lettuce and cut vegetables, try soaking them in a bowl of ice water in the refrigerator. When you are ready to serve them, drain onto paper towels or use a salad spinner to get the excess water off.

• “To aid in my job search, I created a general cover letter in my word-processing program. When I applied for a job, I would tweak it according to the job listing and the company I was applying to, then I saved each one with the date applied and the name of the company. I would then use that document for notes about interviews or correspondence. I believe being organized helped me land my dream job.” – J.W. in Minnesota

• To get mirrors shining, try wiping them with a coffee filter. It’s lint-free and works great.

• “To soothe my puffy eyes, I soak a few cotton balls in very cold whole-fat milk. The lactic acid and fat content is moisturizing. It’s so much cheaper than other remedies, and it’s soothing too.” – T.K. in Virginia

• “To keep my boots stored without wrinkles, I rolled up magazines and stuck them down inside. They stay upright, so I will be able to wear them again in the fall. I also keep a microfiber cloth in a basket in which I keep my flipflops and sandals. I give them a quick swipe with the cloth to remove any sand or dirt, so they are ready to wear again.” – C.C. in Oregon

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