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Now here’s a tip

• Need a tablecloth for your picnic table on a windy day? Just use a twin-size fitted sheet. It goes on easy, and the elastic keeps it on the table in even the hardiest gusts. It’s a snap to remove, too.

• “For those of you who like to walk your dog at night, like I do, wrap the sides of your dog’s collar with reflective tape. It’s good for cars, and it doesn’t bother the dog. Also, I let her out in the back in the evening before we go to bed. The back-yard is quite dark, and she sniffs all over the place. She has dark fur, and it is sometimes hard to see her out there. I shine a flashlight over the yard, and it will catch the reflective tape, and I can see what she is getting into.” — M.P. in Colorado

• “Instead of digging through a drawer looking for my skewers, here is how I keep them together: After I wash them and they are completely dry, I wrap them in a piece of press-and-seal plastic wrap. The next time I need to use my skewers, they are in one place, neatly wrapped together.” — S.B in Minnesota

• “Hi, JoAnn. Here’s a tip for your interesting column. If you are bothered by sweat stinging your eyes while working outside in the hot sun, take a sheet of paper towel, fold it three times, place it in the band of your ballcap and put it on your head. It holds the sweat for two or more hours, and no more stinging in the eyes.” — M.V.K., via e-mail

• Go Green Tip: Check your floor vents and air registers to make sure that air can circulate unimpeded by furniture or floor coverings. Change or clean your air filter


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