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Mostly sunny

Now here’s a tip

• “I keep an old pair of knee-high stockings in the bathroom because they turn out to be handy for all kinds of little things. Here’s the latest. If you put your deodorant on before your shirt and end up with a white mark, just use the hose to ‘scrub’ it off. It really just swipes off with the hosiery.” — B.A. in New Mexico

• “When I’m finished with my plug-in grill, I lay a wet hand towel across the grill surface. When I come back to it after cleaning up the rest of the kitchen, the grill has cooled and the gunk wipes right off.” — O.M. in Florida

• “Don’t lose those school skills over the summer — sharpen them. Have children do activities each week that use skills they learned in school, or anticipate the skills they will be learning the next school year. We have always planned one fun thing, one history- or science-related thing and one trip to the library each week at a minimum. Our children’s teachers have always complimented them on knowledge retention.” — K.S. in N.C.

• Got old socks? Cut the tops off for wrist paint-drip catchers, or use to bundle small pieces of lumber. Cut off the feet to use for dusting blinds, or anything, really. There are many uses for old socks!

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