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Now here’s a tip

• Colorful sponges make great soap dishes — especially in the kids’ bathroom. As a bonus, you can use it for cleaning and throw it in the wash.

• “If you don’t keep a lot of food in your refrigerator, fill up empty space with gallons of water. You can never have too much cool water to drink, and less space to cool means less energy used.” — M.R.T. in Virginia

• “In preparing for moving day, make things easier on yourself. Use a different color to mark boxes for each room of the new place. And label them on all sides. This way, it’s easy to deliver boxes to the right rooms, and you can see the label no matter how they are stacked in the room.” — J.W. in Colorado

• “Spray several drops of perfume or essential oil on a cotton ball or tissue and toss it into the bag inside your diaper pail. It will keep it smelling fresher longer.” — V.H. in California

• “When I mix up a batch of dressing from oil, vinegar and spices, I have a secret trick that helps to get my dressing wellmixed and smooth — an ice cube. I add one just before shaking, and it makes all the difference. Shake, shake, shake, then remove whatever is left of the cube.” — I.K. in Texas

• Go Green Tip: Chemicals used during dry cleaning can be toxic. Air out garments that have been dry cleaned for at least an hour — outside the house.

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