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Now here’s a tip…

• To keep yarn untangled as you use it in a project, put it in a mesh bag. Thread the string though a hole and close up the bag. The yarn spins in the bag but stays in good shape.

• “I love berry season, and I save the baskets for all kinds of uses. Here’s a neat one: Use a clean berry basket to protect the bow on a wrapped gift that you send through the mail. Pack the gift bow side up and slip the basket over the bow. Continue to pad the gift and ship. They always used to get crushed, so I would never put a bow on a present I mailed, but I think gifts look best with a nice bow.” — U.L. in Arkansas

• Looking for the best prices on grocery items? Aren’t we all. Check the items on higher and lower shelves, as they tend to be the most economical options. And be sure to compare items based on cost per unit. Sometimes, bigger is not better.

• A reminder from an old handy guy: “Varnish should NOT be stirred or shaken like paint. It will cause bubbles that can ruin a finish. Make sure your varnish sits before you use it.” — C.C. in New Mexico

• Clean up your golf balls by soaking them in a solution made from a quartercup of ammonia and a cup of water. Buff dry. And avoid water hazards and sand traps!

• Go Green Tip: Recycle single-use batteries. Go to www.earth911.com and plug in your ZIP code to find a location close to you that recycles them.

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