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Now here’s a tip

• Go Green Tip: Building a sand castle? Look no further than your recycle bin for sand tools. Gather plastic containers in many sizes. You can cut or trim plastic bottles to make great scoops and even use a hole punch to make a sieve. Or open both ends of a clean metal coffee can, cover one side tightly with plastic wrap and secure with tape. Stick it plastic side down in the water, and you’ve made a pretty nice little sea scope to see the fishes swim. You can still recycle it when you get home.

• Vegetable oil can be used to remove sticky pricetag residue from glass or other hard, nonporous surfaces. Dab on, let sit and rub off with a soft cloth.

• Get a glossy shine on sun- or pool-damaged hair with this old-school trick. Coat strands with a cup of mayonnaise, focusing on the ends. Leave on for 15-30 minutes and rinse out. This works especially well after a weekend at the beach or lake.

• “When going on vacation, store important documents in a freezersafe bag in the freezer. If there is a fire, the papers will likely be safe.” — T.C. in Utah (A Note from JoAnn: I wouldn’t store original documents this way, just in case of water damage. You could invest in a small fire safe for really special papers.)

• Use a turkey baster to suck up spilled egg. You also can sprinkle it with salt to set it, and pick it up with a paper towel.

• “This tip is an oldie but a goodie. Schedule annual checkups on or near your birthday. You’ll never forget when it’s time to visit the doctor.” — B.J. in Pennsylvania

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