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Now here’s a tip…

• “Dab buttons with clear nail polish. It will give the threads extra strength, making the button stay on longer. This works especially well on shorts or pants.” — P.L. in Indiana

• Don’t wash windows on a sunny day. Wait for an overcast day, and do it whenever the light is not directly on the windows. You’ll have fewer streaks and clearer glass.

• “I spray my dustpan with a shot of furniture polish each time I am finished with it. It makes the dust slide right off. When I’m done sweeping, I wipe it off with a paper towel and give it a quick spray, so it’s ready the next time I need it.” — T.C. in California

• If you need to tighten the cane seat of a chair, wet it with plain water, then set it out in the sun. The sun’s heat tightens the cane while it dries.

• “If you have a counter stain (laminate counters), try putting some bleach on a white washcloth, then laying the cloth over the stain for about 10 minutes. Remove the cloth and rinse. I find that wiping my counters down weekly with a bleach-and-water solution helps them to stay looking tip-top.” — M.F. in Texas

• Go Green Tip: Make your own baby food. Buy local produce to cook and puree. You’ll be providing your baby with the freshest and most nutritious of meals while keeping hundreds of glass jars and plastic singleserving dishes out of the landfill.

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