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Now here’s a tip

• “When painting, coat the tops of your hands with petroleum jelly. A light coat will do. Then, when you are finished, the specks of paint from the roller will slide right off. The bonus is, your hands will feel soft as well.” — T.C. in Texas

• “During hurricane season, when you lose power, bring in charged solar lights to use instead of candles or flashlights. It’s safe, and you can carry them around the house — very important for those who use oxygen at home. Just remember to put them outside during the day to charge.” — J.G., via e-mail

• “If you’re tired of throwing away hard marshmallows, store them in the freezer, bag and all. Whenever you want to use any, take as many as you want, and they will be soft in a few seconds.” — M.H. in South Dakota

• Remove leftover glue from price stickers by buffing it with a pinch of peanut butter and a paper towel. Be sure to use this tip on hard, nonporous surfaces only.

• If you subscribe to a lot of magazines, you know that they can pile up quickly. One way to get rid of ones you’ve read is to recycle, but how about checking with local senior centers or laundries to see if they might like to have them?

• Go Green Tip: Looking to upgrade your portfolio? Why not consider adding green funds or socially responsible funds to your mix of investments? These are funds that invest in environmental or socially responsible industries or companies. Talk with your financial adviser about what options are available to you.

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