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Now here’s a tip…

• “To help my toddler squeeze into shoes, I swipe the backs of his heels with baby powder. It helps his feet glide into the shoes.” — C.A. in New York

• “I keep a container of baby wipes in the car. I started when my kids were babies, but now I find them so handy, I can’t stop. I use them to rinse my hands after pumping gas, for cleaning up spills, quickly dusting the dashboard, etc.” — T.K. in Arizona

• “If you have children who participate in muddy, dirty sports and it’s your job to ferry them around, listen up: Save your seats and floorboards with paper grocery bags. Cut them open and line the floor, or have the child remove his or her shoes and place them in a bag so they will not get mud and dirt on everything.” — R.K. in South Carolina

• “Put a small stitch in the middle of the bottom of your flat sheet in a contrasting color. That way, it’s easier to make the bed up correctly, without having to check both sides for evenness.” — O.W. in Minnesota

• If you need to dampen clothing while ironing, try misting your ironing board instead of the garment itself. The same amount of water applies, but you save yourself from getting water spots on the material.

• Go Green Tip: Check your toilets for leaks. Add a few drops of food coloring to the tank. If it appears in the toilet bowl between flushes — even if the toilet makes no noise at all — you have a leak. Get it fixed ASAP, as you are, well, flushing money down the toilet, so to speak.

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