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Now here’s a tip

• “I have three kids, ages 10, 13 and 16. They seem to constantly be in need of money, and with my husband and me both working, we are in need of time. Whenever an odd job pops into my mind, I jot it down on a Post-it note, along with the estimated time to accomplish it, ‘to be done by’ date and compensation. I post these on the family calendar, and the kids can do them for extra allowance. They get paid by presenting the ‘receipt,’ and we check their work. It’s really helpful.” — T.C. in Minnesota

• “If you have a child who’s attached to his or her blankie, but is getting too old to port it about, try turning it into a pillow together. Fold it over, stitch up two open ends and stuff with filling, then close. The child can keep it for bedtime.” — Megan, via e-mail

• “My husband has long been a user of glass babyfood jars in his workshop. Now I am just as big a fan: I use them to hold spices in the kitchen. I remove the label and glue a plain sticker over the lid to label the spice. The wider mouth of these jars makes it much easier to stick a measuring spoon into.” — J.R.J. in Florida

• Go Green Tip: Although toilets and bathroom/ kitchen faucets are the most common places for a water leak, they are not the only places you can lose water. Try checking your water meter before and after a period of time that you use no water. For instance, check it when you leave for work and again when you come home. Call your water provider if you need help locating your water meter.

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