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Now here’s a tip

• Go Green Tip: Temperatures are cooling in many parts of the country. Could your house use a fresh-air day? If the air smells a bit stale from running the air conditioner all summer, instead of using chemical air fresheners, just open up those windows and let the fall in.

• Butter wrappers are terrific pan greasers. Save your wrappers in a plastic baggie in the freezer, and they will always be on hand, ready to use almost as soon as they come out of the freezer.

• “Senior Tip: If you use a walker or cane, it’s good to write your contact information somewhere on it, just in case you lose it. However, why not include only your name and the name and phone number of your emergency contact? That way, if you lose your cane, it is more likely to get returned for having a phone number on it, but a stranger cannot find out where you live just by looking at, say, a return address label on your walker. And in any case, it’s good to have your emergency contact listed in case something happens while you are out.” — M.A. in Arkansas

• Make your own reusable fabric softener: Fill a spray bottle with fabric softener and use an old washcloth as your “fabric softener sheet.” Use by dampening the washcloth with fabric softener and adding it to the clothes in the dryer. It’s reusable indefinitely. If it feels too gummed up, just toss it in the next load of your washer.

• Check out your chimney now. Use a mirror and flashlight to take a quick peek at your chimney to see if there is a buildup of soot that needs to be taken care of before fireplace season starts. Open the flue and shine the flashlight up the chimney. Hold a small hand mirror at about a 45-degree angle to look up the chimney.

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