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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Now here’s a tip

• Use dental floss to cut cheesecakes and crumbly cakes. Cut a piece long enough to cover the diameter of the cake (and then some). Lay it across your line to cut and firmly press down while pulling the ends away from each other. When you get to the bottom, pull out to one side for a perfectly finished cut.

• Place a piece of clear tape over the labels of prescriptions as soon as you get them, and verify all information. This will protect the dosing and medication name if the label gets wet or just handled too much.

• “If you need to tighten up the screw on a drawer pull or knob, paint it with clear nail polish first. Quickly insert it back in and screw tightly. It will hold in the wood better.” — P.I. in Alabama

• Ice-cube trays are the best thing ever — they are great for so many things. Here are two of my favorites: Use one to sort beads or hardware. Also, freeze juice in cubes, then use them either as ice cubes for water or for mini Popsicles.

• Mitch W. in Saskatchewan, Canada, writes: “Copy and disperse historical photos, documents and records so that if something happens to the originals, at least someone will have copies and that part of history will not be lost forever.” Good advice, Mitch!

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