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Now here’s a tip

• “To save water when hand-washing dishes, I clean silverware together, all at one time. I toss it into a colander as I scrub. Then, I rinse the whole lot at the same time. This saves quite a bit of water.” — P.E. in New York

• ” When using metal vegetable/ soup cans for storage: File the rim to get off any sharp burrs, and then dip the rim in melted wax for a protected surface. No metal “paper cuts.” You can even hotglue multiple cans of various sizes together for a mail sorter!

• If you have to work on one of your pipes, and you need it to be dry so you can solder, use a piece of bread to plug up the pipe. Take the center of a slice of white bread, and ball it up. Stick it up the pipe and make your repair. Join the pipes together and then let the water run briefly. The bread breaks down fairly quickly and washes away.

• “I keep a pants hanger (the type with two clips) in the bathtub to hang up my bathmat. I can turn the hook portion of the hanger so that it’s going over the towel rack, and the mat drips dry. I do it with the suction cups facing out, so that it doesn’t stick to the wall. This way, there’s no mildew buildup.” — A.R. in Florida

• Go Green Tip: According to Eartheasy.com, a terrific resource for eco-friendly products and information, “you can save as much as 20 percent a year on your heating bills by turning your thermostat down 7-10 degrees F. for eight hours each day.” And it’s no sweat to do if you have a programmable thermostat.

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