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Now here’s a tip

• “Crumpled foil makes an excellent pot scrubber. It works in both metal dishes and in glass casserole dishes. Just wad it up and use it as you would a scrubbie.” — J.H. in Or egon

• To freshen a musty dishwasher, add a quartercup of lemon juice to the soap dispenser and run it empty on the hottest cycle. To ensure the hottest water, run water at the kitchen tap until hot just before you start the dishwasher.

• “If you go camping with kids, here’s a fun way to identify your campsite: Bring several brightly colored heliumfilled balloons with you and attach them to the top of the tent. It will be easier to find your tent when coming back from the facilities or hikes.” — P.L. in Louisiana

• “My digital camera eats up batteries, so I always have a spare pair. Did you know that some breathmint containers are the perfect size to hold two AA batteries? Check out your candy aisle. My batteries are safely stored in the camera case, not banging about, just waiting to be used.” — D.C. in Michigan

• Sprinkle a little baby powder into dishpan gloves before using each time. Your fingers will glide right into place without any struggle.

• Go Green Tip: If you have an empty water bottle, you have an instant hand or foot warmer. Fill any size plastic bottle with very hot tap water and secure the lid tightly. It’s ready. Keep a small one in your pocket for your hands, or fill a 2-liter size for your feet.

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