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Now here’s a tip

• “If you have trouble opening a vacuum-sealed jar, try tapping lightly around the perimeter with the handle of a butter knife. You can also tap the perimeter on the edge of the counter, but be careful not to accidentally break the glass. It should loosen it up enough to open because it weakens the vacuum seal. This also should teach you not to jostle jars in the pantry.” – F.W. in Minnesota

• “If you are purchasing school supplies (hopefully on sale), why not pick up a few extra items to give to the teacher or a local school-supply charity organization? There are many children whose brains are willing but whose budgets are weak. We all must do what we can to help educate the children.” – A former teacher in North Carolina

• To clean stuffed animals, wipe off any stains as best you can (spray-on oxygen cleaners work well), then put them together in a pillowcase. Knot or otherwise close the case, and put in a dryer on a no-heat setting until dry. You can set them out in the sun to air out if they have any odor.

• On sale this month: back-toschool supplies and furniture. Be on the lookout for state-tax-free shopping days for school-related items.

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