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Now here’s a tip

• Go Green Tip: Here’s a little-practiced fact in the life of today’s fashion: Many clothing items can be repaired. Do it right away, though, so the item can go back into the usable clothing circulation. The longer it sits, the greater the odds of it being replaced instead, making the original, repairable item just another piece of clutter.

• “If you have a noisy bed after you purchased a new mattress and box springs (it never was noisy before), it might be your bed rails. Cover them with carpet. We nailed ours on all over, which was easy, and the noise stopped. Our box spring apparently was not made very well at the bottom. This really works.” — C.F. in Indiana

• “Save the zippered plastic bags that bedding and curtains come in to store or organize items. My young children often need a clean change of clothes when we are on the go. I pack complete extra outfits (including underwear and socks) for them in the small bags. They work perfectly. The bags are sturdy and reusable for years. I keep these packages tucked away in the car or in their school backpacks, and I send one to the sitter. I also keep one in the car filled with socks for those summer days when they are wearing sandals and we decide to go to an indoor play place.” — A.S., via e-mail

• If you receive a set of scented soaps for the holidays, you can get a longer use out of them as drawer scents before you use them as soap. Tuck each one into a cloth wrapper and stick it in a drawer. When the scent starts to wear out, use the soap.

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