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Now here’s a tip

• “To keep my shower curtain from blowing around at the bottom, I used clear packing tape to attach a few large washers along the bottom edge. They weigh down the plastic so it hangs straight.” — T.V. in Maryland

• To make a temporary draft buster for a drafty door or windowsill, roll a small bath towel and secure with safety pins or tuck it into the leg of a pair of pantyhose or tights. Then lay it along the crack at the door or on the windowsill. Install proper weatherstripping as soon as you can.

• “If you like chunk cheese, use this tip to keep it from molding: Wrap it very tightly in plastic wrap, then cover with aluminum foil. No light and no air!” — a Reader, via e-mail

• Finally found: A fantastic cure for foggy windows. Get a chalkboard eraser, which can be found at an office-supply store, and keep it in your car. When windows fog up and you can’t wait for the defroster, use the chalkboard eraser. It works better than a cloth and is easy to hold in your hand.

• “I stapled a plastic sixpack holder (the plastic rings that hold the cans together) to the inside of the door of my closet. I use the loops to hold light scarves and occasionally a belt. It’s really handy.” — V.E. in Indiana

• “I had a couple of really beautiful wall calendars last year. To save some of the nicest pictures, I had them laminated. They make great placemats for snacks.” — S.D. in Arizona

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