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Now here’s a tip

• Do you have drawers that stick? If they’re made of wood, just grab a candle and rub the side over the tops of both rails. The wax provides just the right amount of lubrication to keep those drawers sliding in and out without a fight!

• “To cover the blades of our kids’ ice skates when we transport them in the car, my husband cut a section of garden hose that is a little longer than the blade. Then he slit it down the side. We just slip one on each skate, and it protects the blade, as well as anything the blade might run into in the trunk.” — I.L. in Minnesota

• S.L. in Illinois writes: “Here is my tip. When closing a plastic bag, use a cliptype wooden clothespin with a metal frame. It holds much better than a twisty, and takes less time and effort to use.”

• To get rid of mascara on clothing, try this trick: Use the dull side of a knife to flake any dried bits away. Moisten stained area and rub it with a bar of soap. Rub the area between your fingers and rinse. Repeat until stain is gone.

• “To remove soot stains from a glass fireplace door, I have found that the best tool is a straight-edge razor. I scrape it to get the gunk off, then clean with equal parts vinegar and water. Use newspaper or a lint-free cloth to buff dry.” — M.R. in New York

• “I was making a repair to a knickknack the other day, and after it was glued, I needed someplace to put it to let the glue dry. The repair was near the bottom, so I couldn’t lay it down on its side without it rolling. My sister suggested using a container of decorative sand I had nearby, and it worked beautifully.” — D.S. in South Carolina

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