Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• “The first time we painted the walls in our house, one of us had stepped in some paint while wearing socks and, not realizing it, had tracked some paint on the carpet. Since then, we always go barefoot when painting, since we can feel it if we step in paint and can clean it off before it gets tracked around the house.” — M.M. in Florida

• “If you have leftover bits of fabric that is pretty or still useful, save it in a box or bag for other projects. You can use fun fabric scraps to patch kids’ clothes or for doll clothing. They also can be used to make sachets or for gift decoration. Quilters might appreciate these scraps for their projects.” — E.D. in Massachusetts

• “When threading a needle, spray the end of the thread with hairspray to make it stiff er and to hold the fibers together.” — O.A. in New Mexico

• Unlined leather gloves can be easily washed. Just put them on and wash your gloved hands with a little warm water and mild detergent. Rinse and blot, then smooth into shape to dry. Lay on a flat towel to dry, flipping several times during the drying process..

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