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Now here’s a tip

• Keep a plastic garbage bag in your glove box or somewhere in your car. You can poke arm and neck holes for a rain poncho, cover a stuck or broken window to keep rain out or use it to corral all your things if you ever get into an accident and need to have your car towed.

• Have a squeaky floorboard? Try sweeping some talc or baby powder into the space between the boards. It can serve as a lubricant, and oftentimes will quiet the squeak.

• “Use small sticky notes to help with studying and learning in young children. You can cover up part of a flash card, making them easy for a child to practice on his own. You can use flags to cover up words in a story, then have the child write a new story by writing a new word on the flag. Kids can practice math or spelling on the go. There are hundreds of uses for these lovely paper tools.” — G.A. in New York

• “I keep a fun toy set in the trunk of the car. It’s small enough to bring with me on visits to friends without children and interesting enough to keep my two young ones occupied for up to an hour. It’s only for when I take my children to visit a friend and need to have some adult time. The kids look forward to being able to play with the toy, and it doesn’t get old because they see it only occasionally.” — C.L. in Arizona

• When having fresh corn on the cob: “Trim each ear of corn on both ends, and leave the husk on the corn. Boil it or microwave it the amount of time you like. When it’s done, the husk and silk will come off with no problem.” — P.C. of Florida AND Maryland (He and his wife of 63 years are snowbirds!)

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