Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• When spray-painting a small item, tuck it into a paper shopping bag. You can spray it without the overspray being a big deal. You also can use this technique when spray-painting something outdoors on a windy day or when working in your garage. If the item is larger, try to find a comfortablesize cardboard box.

• Wrap aluminum foil around doorknobs and wall-mounted lighting fixtures when painting. It will avoid drips and spray.

• “To make salads for luch, I wash and cut my salad greens and then portion them out into zippertop plastic bags. I put an appropriate amount of dressing in a small, sealable container and stick it right in the bag with the greens. When I get to work (or to the park for a picnic), I pour the dressing into the bag and shake to distribute it. Then, I just dump the salad into my bowl.” — P.M. in Oregon

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