Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• “When I travel, I find that the air in the hotel room makes my allergies act up. I have started packing a coff ee mug and several tea bags. There sometimes is a microwave in my hotel room, and there almost always is a hospitality area where I can use the microwave to make a nice cup of hot tea. It saves me from having to make runs to expensive coffee shops.” — R.G. in Louisiana

• “Our baby does not enjoy tummy time on the floor at all, but he really loves laying face down on Daddy’s chest. He feels secure, and he still exercises his head and neck muscles.” — A.M. in Minnesota

• “I purchased two small colanders at a discount store. I use them to store grapes and berries in my refrigerator. The cold air can circulate around them, and it seems to keep them fresher longer.” — B.A. in Georgia

• Used fabric-softener sheets can be cut to fit the bottoms of small knickknacks. Attach with waterbased glue. If it’s ever necessary, they can be soaked to remove.

• Backyard picnic tip: Use a muffin tray as a condiment tray. You can even line the cups with aluminum muffi n liners for quick cleanup. Stock with mustard, ketchup, chopped onion, relish, etc.

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