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Now here’s a tip By JOANN DERSON

• “When assembling a sizable piece of furniture, try to do it in the room where it will be used, if possible. This prevents you from having to disassemble all or part of it if you can’t fit it through the doorway, and saves you the frustration of having to move and maneuver it into its room.” – M.M. in Florida

• “If you love hard-boiled eggs as much as I do, here’s a trick you will really like for removing shells easily. First, the shells on older eggs come off better than new; second, rinse eggs in cold water after boiling, and let them set in cold water for about 10 minutes, changing the water several times to keep it cool. The shells will just slip off.” – I.V. in North Carolina

• To clean Venetian blinds, slip an old sock onto each hand, spray with dust cleaner and sandwich each blade in your hands, sliding from the top to the bottom.

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