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Now here’s a tip

+ D.A. from Massachusetts writes: “Wash your hands with cold water and salt to remove fish odors, and onion odors as well.”

+ Here’s a re-use for you: An old coffee can works very well as a paint can. Make it even more convenient to use by stretching a large rubber band around the can so that it straddles the can’s mouth, creating a great little place to wipe off excess paint. Just bag and toss when you’re finished painting.

+ To get bubble gum off of clothes, pick off as much as you can, then hold an ice cube against whatever is left over so it will harden. It should chip off. Liberally daub with stain pretreater, then launder as usual.

+ “Always remove good buttons from apparel before discarding it. Keep like buttons together in small plastic bags to save money when you make a garment that needs a set!” – C.P. in New Jersey

+ “Here’s one way to save calories when eating out at a restaurant: Ask for dressing on the side. A lot of restaurants really drown their salads, and you could use half, a third or sometimes even only a quarter of the dressing.” – U.L. in California

+ “Never soak knives with wooden handles. I just ruined four of my best knives this way. Make sure you put them aside, because the wood will expand in the water and crack when it dries.” – R.D. in Texas

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