Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a true deer story

Big Cowan

Hey, all you deer hunters, you will be so envious when you hear this story. The other day I was someplace, looked out the window and on the hillside across the road not very far away was the biggest buck I had ever seen. He looked like a 10 pointer or 12 pointer. He was by himself. He started to go up in the woods, changed his mind and walked down to the road. Wish I had my camera with me. He was gray instead of brown, which I thought was unusual. Can’t tell you were I was, you guys might kill it. That is my deer story, but a true one. Hager Trent had a birthday Nov. 16. Hope you had a good one! He is also running for magistrate.

Alma (Banks) Fields has been at St. Joseph Hospital for awhile. Her niece said she is not doing very well. Keep her and husband Jody in your prayers. She has really had a rough time!

My husband James is at Hazard Hospital with heart and kidney problems. Keep us in your prayers. I am doing much better since my flu.

My husband’s roommate was Chris Fields from Whitesburg. He is the son of Nancy Fields, formerly of Cowan. He was having a quadruple bypass. Keep him in your prayers. I went through that with my husband 12 years ago. It is really rough on the family.

Mary Lou Fields had a birthday this past week with family having a small birthday party. Hope you had a good one. Paige Brown also had her sixth birthday party last week. She had several family members and her friends over.

The gospel sing for Santa’s truck train was held at the Cowan Community Center Nov. 14 with several groups attending.

Eddie Wolfe has been real sick. Keep him in your prayers. Kathy is doing much better.

I think Mike is getting homesick. He’s been gone almost three weeks. He misses Melinda and is about out of money.

Hager Trent killed a deer on Saturday and had it at the store showing it off. Congrats, Hager.

Lots of people need prayer this week. Be good to one another.

Until next time. May God bless each and every one.

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