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Now here’s at tip

• To make a bottle of travel nail-polish remover, start with a clean film canister or airtight medicine bottle. Stuff it with a foam hair roller (with a hole in the middle) that’s cut to fit the bottle. Saturate the foam with nail-polish remover. To use, just stick one finger at a time down in the hole in the roller. Move finger up and down to “scrub” the polish off . This works really well.

• “Sew buttons on the top wrist area of gloves or mittens for children (works for adults, too!). They can be buttoned to a coat or pocket. They stay attached, and it’s easier for kids to unbutton gloves than to unpin them. On my children’s jackets that have no buttons, I sewed a small strip of fleece into the pocket with a buttonhole on it.” — G.S. in Canada

• When camping, use this important tip: Store toilet paper in a coff ee can with a lid. It’s watertight — no dampness will ruin your TP.

• “I like pretty buttons, and I use them to keep track of my earrings. I pin a pair of earrings through the holes of a button, and store them all in a bowl. This way, I get to enjoy both the buttons and the earrings.” — C.L. in Virginia

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