Whitesburg KY

Now here’s several tips

• Coffee filters make wonderful glass cleaners. They leave behind no streaks and no residual lint.

• “ Beautiful umbrella stands don’t have to be limited to umbrellas. We keep sports equipment (bats, a lacrosse stick, yoga mat) in ours, and it works just as well.” — T.J. in Kansas

• Stuck zippers can be loosened with graphite powder, or simply by tracing a pencil lead over the zipper.

• Make your own camping lamp: Strap a headlamp to a full gallon jug of water. It fills the tent with a soft light, and you can still drink the water!

• Use rubbing alcohol to clean window frames. It evaporates quickly with no residue left behind.

• If you have a retractable cord on your vacuum, try this trick. Clip a clothespin at the optimum length, and the cord will not retract past that point. So, no more snapping right out of the outlet, which used to happen to me. — P.L. in Tennessee

• Old socks can be fitted around the head of an old mop or Swiffer base. Spray with cleaner and clean away. When you are done, remove the sock and launder.

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