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Now here’s some great tips

• Save plastic bags that cannot be recycled, and use them to collect food scraps that cannot be composted or flushed. — B.M. in New York

• Keep the yolks in hardboiled eggs from crumbling by wetting your knife between slices.

• “To soften butter without melting it, warm a bowl that is bigger than the butter stick and invert it over the butter on a plate. It’s nice before a meal because it makes a hard stick of butter easier to spread on bread rolls, but not so soft that you use too much.” — T.G. in Indiana

• Save the peel on oranges and grapefruits. You can toss them on a fire for a nice smell.

• “Hard-water stains in the toilet are no match for denture tablets. Simply drop one in the toilet and let sit overnight. A quick scrub and a flush in the morning should do it.” — P.S. in Washington

• Make a holiday cheese ball simply: Combine a package of cream cheese with a cup of finely shredded cheese (your choice) and 1/3 cup sour cream or plain Greek yogurt. Form into a ball, roll in coating of your choice (dried fruit pieces, chopped nuts, spices, etc.) and chill. Wrap in a pretty cellophane bag and bring with pita chips, crackers or pretzels as a hostess gift.

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