Whitesburg KY

Now that school is out watch for all the four-wheelers

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hope all had a good week. Not much happening on Cowan this week.

The Day and Sturgill families had a memorial service for the late Benton Day last week. He was the son of the late France and Rachel Day.

Seems like the family had a good time remembering him, but sad at the same time. I saw his brother Zane and wife were in from Kansas, and I am pretty sure Louise Day Sturgill and family were in from Ohio.

Elmo Day of Cowan and his family were there, and Eugene (Irene) Day and family. Not sure if Frankie Day from Indiana came in. Georgette Day Sims and family from Danville were probably there.

Glad they got together again as most are getting older. They need to see each other as often as they can.

My aunt Nova Lee Sexton Fields died a year ago on May 9. She was married to my dad’s brother, the late Benton Fields. They are both missed by family and friends.

My nephew, Thomas Wolfe, will be 34 on May 10. Happy birthday to him. He is the son of my sister, Kathy, and Eddie Wolfe.

We all love you, Thomas, and have a great day. He lives at Hindman.

Bro. Glen Seaman has a birthday also on May 10. He was our pastor in Greensburg, Ind. Hope he has a wonderful day.

Melinda Daniel wants to wish her mother, Mary Jacobs, a happy birthday on May 12.

Bro. Charles Large in Virginia has a birthday on May 13. We wish him a happy birthday and are keeping him in our prayers. James and I love you and miss seeing you and Pat. May God bless both of you with good health.

Now that school’s out, everyone be careful and watch out for all the fourwheelers on he highway. Kids will be everywhere.

My grandkids get out May 21. Next year they go year-round, except they get a break every nine weeks with two days off and at Christmas they get two weeks off. Might not be as bad as it sounded. Enjoy. Sure am glad I am out of school and none of my kids are in school.

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