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• “Use a large hair clip to hold your dish towel on the oven door handle.” — M.W. in Iowa

• “An easy way to save money is when you write a check [or make a debit or check-card purchase], round it up to the nearest dollar in your checkbook register [or spreadsheet]. We saved over $300 in no time using this method. It works great for unexpected expenses like fixing a car or paying the copayment when you have to go to the emergency room.” — S.W. in Arkansas

• “ Erase permanent markers from countertops: Rubbing alcohol will dissolve the marker back to a liquid state so you can wipe it off.” — B.D. in Virginia

• If you have a Swiffer sweeper or one like it, here’s an idea for a reusable sweeping pad, from T.C. in Georgia: “Get a pair of those fuzzy socks at the dollar store, and just stretch one over the pad of your duster [Swiffer-style sweeper]. You can pop it right in the laundry when you’re done. It doesn’t pick up everything, but it makes a really good dust mop!”

• “Use a stick-on hook to keep bibs where you need them: right on the back of the high chair! You can add a second hook for a small washcloth, too. I snipped a little hole in a few and they hang more securely on mine. I used to have to get up for extras while we were feeding, but now I have backups on the chair at all times!” — M.I. in Washington

• Got a lint roller? They are genius for quickly ridding a screen (window or door) of cobwebs. Simply roll over the screen and watch the dirt and cobwebs disappear!

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