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• Hairspray spritzed on the end of a thread will stiffen it long enough to get it through a needle head. You also can thread your needle in front of a surface that’s an opposing color (i.e. a white piece of paper while threading a needle with black thread).

. • Here’s an interesting tip for getting Christmas tree resin or sap off your hands: Treat your hands liberally with hand sanitizer. If that doesn’t work, try cooking oil.

. • Want a fun way to clean road ice off the bottom of your car? If you catch a warm day, run a sprinkler under the car for a few minutes.

. • “Three small words: Nutella hot chocolate! It’s the best, and we love it at our house. Just stir a teaspoon of Nutella into your hot chocolate and get ready for heaven.” — T.F. in Missouri

. • Freshen your pillows in the dryer for 10-15 minutes. Change your pillowcase at least once a week, and try a silk or silk-style pillowcase; they are easier on your hair and skin.

. • “With four girls sharing one bathroom, we were stuck for space, and the vanity was always covered with bottles and jars of this and that! My dad installed a low shelf and gave each of us a bin for our things, and it helps to keep things organized. Now we can keep the vanity cleared off.” — Y.A. in Mississippi

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