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• Take the time to presort laundry in order to cut down on laundry time. Designate a day of the week to wash bulky items like towels or comforters, so that the increased drying time of these loads does not delay your normal washing.

• “Cleaning ceiling fans can be a pain, as dust bunnies that pile up on the blades can end up raining down on furniture below, creating a mess. Use a pillowcase to clean blades on your ceiling fan. Slip over the blades and pull dust to the outside. All the dirt will be contained in the case, which you can toss right in the wash after you pick off the bigger dust balls.” — E.K. in North Carolina

• When’s the last time you cleaned your freezer’s automatic ice bucket? Before a trip to the beach, lake or park is the perfect time. Go ahead and empty all the ice from the bucket into your cooler, then wash with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Allow to air dry before reinserting the bucket in the freezer and restoring ice service.

• Use a mail sorter at the kitchen sink to store sponges upright and separated. They usually have enough slots to fit several sponges, each with air surrounding it so that it will dry quickly and evenly. Dry sponges collect less bacteria, which can end up making your sponge smell bad! If the mail sorter is metal, give it a coat of clear spray sealant to prevent rusting.

• Back to school hack: Invite several friends from previous years to meet up at a local park in the days before school starts. If new kids have moved into your neighborhood, be sure to invite their family too. Knowing someone can take the stress off of first-day jitters!

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