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• If you often wake up in the morning with a neckache, try a new pillow. You can get them with cooling gel inserts, or ones designed especially for side sleepers or in ergonomic shapes. There must be one that will help you wake up refreshed.

• “I save the Tyvek envelopes from Federal Express and other mailings to make cheap, sturdy aprons for my children’s art projects. The material is really durable, and it doesn’t cost me a thing, so I can throw it away without washing if I have a mind to.” — A Reader via email

• “It’s time to clean the window screens again, but this year I busted out my small shop vacuum to clean them without having to remove the screens from the window itself. It did a pretty good job and was easy to port around the house.” — D.L. in Pennsylvania

• “I had a super-cute sock with a hole in the toe, and although I didn’t want to wear it, I wanted to keep it. I snipped the foot portion off and now use it as a bottle warmer or a condensation catcher, depending on what is in the drinking vessel. It’s easy to slip on, and works like a charm.” — A Reader via email

• Back to school hack: A little lemon juice on a cotton swab can help “erase” highlighter marks on glossy paper.

• Clean your air ducts in one fell swoop by removing the grates and lining them up on a sheet outside. I use my driveway, but you could use a deck or patio. Lay the sheet flat, then line the grates up. Scrub with a brush and soapy water, then use a hose to rinse. The sheet keeps ground dirt off the grates, and the water goes right through the sheet. Let dry and replace.

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