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• “I have a raised bed and some very handy plastic underbed drawers for seasonal items and bags. The problem is that they would not stay put when I opened them or especially when I tried to close them. I got smart, though, and added strips of non-skid shelf liner to the bottoms. They stay put where they are accessible and don’t slide back way under the bed.” — A.A. in Florida

• The holidays are almost upon us, and I am sure your calendar, like mine, is getting filled up with lunches, dinners, cookie parties, etc. Try to plan at least one noneating event for every eating event on your calendar. Make a gym date, schedule a nature walk, get a group together to pick apples or do a craft. It will help you be social but cut down on the holiday weight creep.” — JoAnn

• The days are getting shorter, which means more kids walking or biking at dusk or in darkness. Treat your most precious people to some safety: Get a roll of reflective tape and add it to backpacks or bike helmets for extra protection. Make sure your child’s bike has a light on both the front and back, in addition to reflectors.

• “Got gorgeous leaves? Try decoupaging a few to a clear glass votive for an extra special fall touch on your table. Add a delicious smelling candle, and you’re in full fall celebration mode!” — C.L. in North Carolina

• Wear and wash? Not necessarily. Before you toss that sweater or pair of corduroys in the wash, take the time to check if it’s actually soiled. Many garments can be reworn after airing rather than washing and drying, which takes a toll on the fabric, and your water and electric bills.

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