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Nows Heres a Tip



• Hang brooms and mops to preserve their useful life. The bristles of a tightly packed broom are better at sweeping than loose bristles.

• Clean the stainless steel surface of your kitchen appliances with Pledge or similar furniture polish. Fingerprints are banished, and just watch them shine!

• “For those of us who use a lot of hairspray when styling, we end up with a thin layer on our hairbrushes. After removing any hair from the brush, I spray mine with laundry spot remover, then toss it in the dishwasher. It comes out clean and free of buildup.” — T.D. in Georgia

• High five if you’re using refillable water bottles instead of plastic disposable ones. To keep them fresh, rinse weekly with a 10 percent bleach and water solution. Let them air dry completely, then simply fill with water and stash in the fridge for easy access!

• “I had a rather large piece of fabric that I didn’t need anymore. I cut it up into large rectangles, and made a small hole in the center of each. I slipped them over the few hanging jackets we have in our hall closet. They don’t get much use except during our ‘winter,’ so this keeps the dust off of them until next year!” — F.L. in Florida

• “Use a large planter to store your garden hose coiled up rather than in a messy pile. As you coil, be sure to go with the hose’s natural curve. This will lessen the chance of kinks, too.” — W.A. in Kansas

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