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• “Here’s a tip that impressed me so much I love sharing it with everyone! A friend of mine went away for a month, and forgot about a package of ground meat in the refrigerator. When he got home the smell was hideous. We tried pure bleach first, then boxes and boxes of baking soda. The smell was imbedded! Then a buddy of mine told me to use newspaper. Take eight of more sheets and lay a few on each shelf. To my surprise the next day the odor was gone! Imagine that!” — T.D. in Pennsylvania

• “Copy and distribute historical photos, documents and records so that if something happens to the originals, at least someone will have copies, and that part of history will not be lost forever.” — M.W. in Saskatchewan, Canada

• C.J. in Idaho writes: “When making lemonade, get the most out of your lemons by heating them before juicing.” Good call! You can do this by placing them in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time, or submerging them in hot water for several minutes.

• “My sister is always trying new ‘diet’ recipes, but she hit on one that I really like. Instead of a traditional crust for a pizza, slice zucchini very thin, brush with oil, then brown in a pan. Transfer to a prewarmed pizza pan and top with sauce and cheese. It’s so good … and low-carb!” — M.D. in Wisconsin

• “I use clothespins to keep the garbage bag in place in my small bathroom can. I line it with paper bags, and to keep them from trying to close, I just use the clothespins. If they get dirty, I just knock them into the trash bag too.” — O.C. in Texas

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