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• The best time to shop for your 4th of July and Christmas tableware is after Valentine’s Day. Red is abundant and very well-priced.

• “Clean, shiny china is easy with this simple recipe! Use a half-cup of Borax powder in a sinkful of warm water. Dip the china in the sink and rinse with cool water.” — F.T. in Louisiana

• Keep a pumice stone in the shower or bath. Once a week, plug up the bath while you shower and, if you want a real treat, add a little Epsom salts to the tub. When you have finished showering, your feet will have had a nice soak and will be ready for scrubbing. After you dry off, make sure to moisturize well, and your feet will stay looking great and be ready for sandal season again (if it ever comes back!).” — C.T. in Maryland

• Sweaters don’t belong on hangers, but they can be bulky and take over your drawers. Try this storage trick this winter: Roll sweaters and display them in the sections of a hanging bin organizer in your closet. You also may find that they do well in the slots of a shoe rack.

• This is an old carpenter’s trick, but so very useful: Use a clothespin to hold a nail you are about to hammer. It works especially well if you need to nail in an awkward place. This way, you will not pound your fingers or thumb.

• Need to secure a small amount of cash? Try this traveler’s trick: Stick the cash inside a clean sanitary napkin wrapper and reseal. No one will suspect a thing!

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