Whitesburg KY

Nursing students visit Ermine Center

The Ermine Center had visitors from Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College in Cumberland. They were nursing students, nine nurses, and their instructor. They were Casey Stamper, Whitley Bentley, April Fleming, Tabitha Lewis, Kendra Lowe, Natasha Lowe, Chasity Mason, Natasha Triplett and Rebecca Jent.

They talked to us about the flu, H1N1, diabetes and hypertension. It was all interesting, and we learned a lot. They gave us all gifts (as we like). All the students have already completed their LPN course, and are soon to be graduated from the RN program.

Of course, they were all from Letcher County. We are proud of you girls. Come back again, as we really enjoyed having you.

Patty Majority was there for the first time since having her heart surgery. She said she is doing well. We were glad you are, Patty, and glad that you are back with us.

Jenny Depew is coming to our center now, and we’re glad to have her. She said that we’re not senior citizens, we’re recycled teenagers. You’re right, Jenny.

Friday we went to Pikeville on a shopping trip. We shopped at Magic Mart, Penney’s, Big Lots and the Super Walmart. We ate at Shoney’s, and had a buffet supper. Everyone had a good time.

Betty Newman and husband Jack are back from their vacation in Ohio. They were gone two weeks. She brought me a rock from Berlin, Oh. Thank you, Betty, I appreciated it. I like my rocks. I have a book that says that everyone needs a rock, and I believe that.

We received new chairs for our center, and we’re all proud of them. We sure needed new chairs as ours were about worn out.

Thanks to all of you who read my news and tell me they enjoy reading about us and what we do.

Oma, we’re glad you’re coming back to be with us, as we missed you.

Our potluck dinner is coming up soon, and we’re going to put the big pot in the little one, as we say. It will be our Thanksgiving dinner also. We’re looking to have a great time, as we always do.

Oh! I almost forgot about Ann Adams being back with us. She is doing real well after she got over her sickness. She is one of our cooks.

Jack Craft beat Betty Pike bowling on the Wii game. Too bad, Betty. Don’t let him beat you next time. I didn’t get their score.

Come on, seniors, and join us. See you there.

God bless until next time.

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