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Obama should run from ‘dogs’ who bought elections

Why is it when Barack Obama won an election, the Republicans think it was OK for them to ignore the election and obstruct the winner’s program, but when the Republicans win an election, Obama is supposed to run through the woods like Long John, long chain on?
Long John had

funniest pair of shoes

that you ever could find

that you ever could find had a

heel in the front

had a heel behind

so you never could tell

which way he’s gwine

The dogs of capitalism are in pursuit of the president of the United States, sicced on him and an unwitting public by an unwise decision which allows the rich to buy elections. And so they did.

The dogs of capitalism are chasing a young man who deftly averted their Depression, who saved major industries, who passed the most significant legislation in decades and whose decisions have been thoughtful, decisive and, so far, correct.

And all that done while dragging the long chain of relentless opposition from a party whose slogan is: “We don’t stand for anything specific — we just want him outta there.”

Corporate America opted to control this election, and there is no reason they can’t control them from now on.

If we are going to cede the body politic to the rich, we just had better be careful that we are not bringing down a very capable president — something I think we need.

Democrats run as Republicans so there is no genuine discussion going on, let alone debate. I listen to dozens of debates on television and heard not one word of anybody’s better plan.

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s vision of a utopia if only our side were back in became the first platform of a political party to be devoid of content. Its only purpose was deposing, not proposing. I guess it had to come to this.

Where to run and what fork to take?

Uncle Remus kept to de middle of de road, whereas Long John run like a turkey through the corn. Obama gotta run somewhere. He is coming to the forks and gotta take it.

If the public is willing to give up any of their Medicare or Social Security and to weaken our military might, then we can maybe afford to let the rich pay low taxes.

David Stockman, who should know, says we will have to have both tax increases and deep cuts in services to avoid economic collapse.

That kind of problem simply cannot be solved by politics when half the country wants to go one direction and the other half wants to go the opposite one and nobody wants to pay the government fairly for what it does for us.

So it will take someone with backbone enough to do what might get you defeated — like those Blue Dogs who were beaten because they stood with their president and party to pass something needed, but which would end their careers. It will take some with backbone to save this country from ruin.

So run, Obama, run. Outrun them dogs. Don’t let them know which way you’re gwine. Leave them with their tongues hanging out.

And, Mr. President, when deciding whether to compromise your principles, or whether your principles are in fact wrong, don’t forget that a great deal of opposition to you is that Kenya thing.

Larry Webster is a Pikeville
lawyer. This column appeared in
the Nov. 14 edition of the Lexington

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