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Observations from picking up roadside garbage

To the Editor:

I know the men and women who throw out garbage along our roads and beautiful countryside would like to help those of us who pick up their garbage. So that these people may make our job more pleasant and productive, I thought it might be helpful to list some observations I have made as I picked up their garbage.

1. Always throw your garbage on the ditch-line side of the road. The hills are too steep to walk on and we cannot recover your garbage if it is thrown over the hill. It still looks ugly but we just cannot get to it. If you must throw garbage, the ditch side is the only way to go.

2. Please empty your bottles as much as possible. Why do you throw a whole bottle of water away after taking only a small drink from the bottle? At least, hold onto it until you empty it.

3. Please realize that tobacco juice in a bottle is especially gross and stinks something awful. This slows our production down. We have to carry the bottle fully loaded. It is just too repulsive to open and drain.

4. McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Double Kwik boxes lead the way on Smoot Mountain and on Cinnamon Drive as the preferred throwing garbage from a fast food establishment. It would be helpful if you could seal these packages so that animals would not tear them into a hundred pieces. Please consider a better way to feed wildlife.

5. Bud Light leads the way for the beer cans in my area. If you think enough about yourself to drink light beer, would you consider thinking enough about the rest of us to take your garbage home? Most of these cans are at least empty.

6. Empty cigarette packs (Marlboro leads the way) and paper wrappers make our jobs more difficult because the packages are small. Maybe you could help us by pushing the wrappers into the boxes, bottles or cans before you throw them out.

By far, the best way to help the poor souls that pick up other people’s garbage is to put it in your own garbage can. If I am ever blessed to see the two or three people that throw out garbage on Smoot Mountain and on Cinnamon Drive, I will encourage them to dispose of their garbage properly. You see I am convinced that the vast majority of our citizens dispose of their garbage properly. It is a very few that ruin our communities for everyone.

I would like to hear from any citizen that has ideas about how we can discourage the few that just do not get it. I have several ideas and will share them with you if you contact me by email at mtapjames@bellsouth.net and give me your address. From a dedicated garbage picker-upper.


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