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Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy

Oceans of water but still a shortage

North Carolina

Good afternoon to all. It is hot and humid here in the Carolinas. I have three air conditioners on and am just comfortable.

I have finished reading The Mountain Eagle and enjoy it. Even though I don’t personally know those persons written about, they seem to be friends. Especially Emma Lou Engle’s and Rosa Ballard Durham’s column are like stepping back to days gone by. To my way of thinking without our columns of each and every one, the paper would be dull.

Like Emma Lou Engle, I am quilting, an art that is another thing of the past. Mothers taught daughters quilting and I really enjoy entering mine in quilt shows. I am finished the bubble quilt.

Grandson Caleb had his eighth birthday and we went to Sanford to celebrate it. It was really nice. Terrance had a harvest fest for it with apple bobbing, arrow target, a three-legged race, arrow shoot, big piles of leaves to roll in, candy of all kinds, and food of all kinds. Alizah was so hyper she couldn’t sleep.

Terrance doesn’t allow Alizah and Caleb to associate anyway in Halloween. My church nor I treat nor have any dealing with Halloween. There are other ways to let children have fun.

October fest was going on in Wilmington. As they say, welcome to the club.

We here are on water restrictions in most places. We are 21.29 inches of rain below normal and the water table is very low. Oceans of water of no use.

The flu is here also. It seems early in the year but it doesn’t know the time nor season.

It seems odd but people are Christmas shopping already – and it is so hot.

I would like to send a big hello to Mable Jenkins there in Partridge. Hope she and family are in good health.

For one, I was so pleased to hear of an animal shelter being built there. It is well worth the expense. It makes me sick to think of abused animals.

Sister Mary McCarver, the missionary to Mexico, visited here at churches in North Carolina and surrounding areas. She is the missionary that I stayed with in Edingburg, Tex. It was so nice to see her again.

As person of the week I choose the Rev. Vaster Emanuel, Leland, N.C. I took the picture of him in Reo Lobo, Mexico. We all call him Shorty. He is going back to Rancho de Lobo next month and wanted me to go with him and Barbara, but I declined – too far. Bro. Shorty holds tent revivals. Remember those?

Blessings to all. The Smiths, Pete and Gladys Maggard Smith.

We must cast our daily cares on Him. Every day brings with it new beginnings, so make it a pleasant day. Sufficient unto the day? A question you ask, sure, no day is exactly the same if you look at it closely. Smile, God loves you, and animals, too.

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