Whitesburg KY

Officers named

The Letcher County Fiscal Court met in a special meeting on January 4 to appoint members of the administrative staff who conduct the county’s day-to-day business. The court made no changes in the current staff. Officers reappointed were:

• Deputy County Judge Executive Eddie Meade

• Executive Secretary Hettie Adams

• Finance Officer D.J. (Doris Jean) Frazier

• 911 Director Brandon Conley

• 911 Coordinator Jim Revis

• Road Foreman Danny Bentley

• Sanitation Coordinator Gary Cornett

• Sanitation Billing Clerk Debbie Collins

• Transfer Station Operator Bobby Kincer

• Recycling Coordinator Johnny Ray Williams

• Parks and Recreation Director Derek Barto

• Emergency Management Director Paul Miles

• Senior Citizens Director Trenda Whitaker

Phillip Hampton was also reappointed as Letcher County treasurer and Fourth District Magistrate Keith Adams was appointed as the Fiscal Court’s representative (board member) to the LKLP Board of Directors.

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