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Ohio got pretty good dose of snow

Howdy friends and neighbors, I hope all are well and keeping warm. It is a cold one here and yes, we’ve got a pretty good dose of snow.

It seems I remember saying something about how fortunate we were not getting a lot of snow. Well, it seems Mother Nature decided we were being treated unfairly so she sent some our way. There was so much and so fast we could not keep our driveway clean, so yesterday Catharine took Red to Sears where he bought himself a snow blower. It has an electric start and he says it pulls itself. Me being so knowledgeable about such things, I know exactly what he’s talking about. Oh yeah, don’t I wish?

Ronald Buford called yesterday and guess what? They had at least a foot of snow there in Huntsville which has been on the ground much too long for them. Johnell loved having a white Christmas and I truly believe that was enough for her. They are both well, just staying in and probably beginning to come down with cabin fever.

I talked with Jeanie this week and she and her family were well except Christy had a cold. I hope it doesn’t get any worse and she will soon be feeling like her normal sweet, caring self.

I got a call from Garden City, Mich., yesterday and had a good phone visit with Gomer Goins. He was a brother to my brotherin law, the late Hoover Goins ( Anna Lea). We talked about everything, down home, people we both know, relatives and even stack cake and dried apples. Now don’t forget, Gomer, you said if you were going to come to Lorain to visit some cousins you would give me a call in time for me to bake a stack cake. I really did enjoy talking with you.

I also talked with Gladys Smith from North Carolina, and it’s like talking with home folk, which she really is. I really don’t think she and her hubby Pete are all that well. Keep them in your prayers. I have never met her but I feel as though she has been a lifelong friend. Northeast Ohio

I haven’t heard from Chester and Jettie or Richard and Georgia this week, so I guess everything is well with them. As the old saying goes, “No news is good news.”

I have talked to Bill and Redia, and they are okay but busy as usual. Bill is working harder than he did before he retired and Redia works right alongside him.

I have finally gotten started on writing some letters, and have five ready for mailing. With some of them I had addressed and stamped the envelope last year .

Hello and a great big thank you to our dear friend Joyce ( Gaynell) Adkins for the CD she sent Red and me. If you have never heard her sing you are really missing some beautiful music. Joyce, of Columbus, Ind., and four of her sisters, Lavada Wright, Dorothy Hall, Louise Vance and Belva Mullins, are all breast cancer survivors. They grew up in Jenkins, the children of Acie and Edna Rose who reared a family of nine girls and six boys. Acie and Edna were really good people and faithful to their God and their church. I’m sure this was a big influence, for many of the children are gospel singers, church members and some preachers. Some still live in and around the Jenkins area and try to get together as often as possible.

The CDs are packaged in pink and are for sale, with the proceeds going for breast cancer research. It’s Joyce’s way of giving thanks for another chance at life. We really love that girl and have since we first met her and her husband, the late Buford Edwards. They had three children, Jennifer, Donny and Regina, some who are now grandparents.

It’s getting about time for Catharine to show up, so I had better get this finished so she doesn’t have to wait as she has to work tomorrow. She sure is a go-getter, not a lazy bone in her body, not like her Mamaw who is basically very lazy.

On that note I wish all a warm, safe and happy week. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055. (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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