Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Ohio has had first frost

Hello everyone! We sure having some beautiful weather in the Ohio Valley area. I can hardly keep my eyes on the road while driving for looking at the beautiful colors. There’s a song called “God’s Coloring Book” and that is exactly what it is. There’s a tree next to our house that is always so glorious. It always changes colors earlier than any other. One day it was a vibrant orange and the next day all the leaves were on the ground, so we must have gotten the first frost of the season that was predicted. I know we sure had some cold weather for a few days and now it is so nice. Sure wish it would stay that way until next May. I know Blackey Days were held Oct. 15 so I hope the weather was just as nice in the mountains for this event. I haven’t been in Blackey in several years since Mom and Dad’s house burned, or I should rephrase that and say since someone decided to set it on fire as they had shot into it and bullets landed in the door facing so to get rid of the evidence it was set on fire. Not fiction, a fact! I do hope the person who did it gets a little taste of what hell is like when they leave this world as this was the second time in Mom’s life that she had lost everything she had. My mom was so different from me as she was such a mild person and let people walk on her. I don’t think she ever had an ill word with anyone. Yes! I wonder if I am her daughter at times. As I have stated somewhere down the line, I have never deliberately hurt someone’s feelings but if I am pushed enough I will stand up for myself. I get my stubbornness from both grandmothers, Rosa Hall and Betty Barton. Gwen Huff Farmer’s sister, Allene, is in the hospital at Somerset. Please keep her in your prayers! Gwen worries about her family as she is so far away from them. Johnny and Ann Calihan, along with their daughter Carol Deickman and Ann’s brother Hubert Caudill, spent a few days in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. Ann said they visited her old homeplace on Tolson Creek, stopped by Sandra Ison Creech’s so Hubert could visit her, and then they called Sherwood Ison and he came by for a visit. They all ventured to Pine Mountain Grill and enjoyed a good time along with good food. I believe the manager of Pine Mountain Grill had to threaten to run them out so they could close. Now don’t take that comment seriously. I haven’t seen Sandra nor Sherwood since I was a very young girl. Ann said she kept wanting

to call me and say, “Guess where I am?” because that is what I do to her. Carol said several people enjoy my column and keeps up with her mom and dad through my column.

Southern Ohio

While in the mountains they stopped to visit with Genita Calihan, who lives in the Calihans’ old homeplace. Genita, why didn’t you send a pawpaw my way? Carol said she hadn’t tasted one in many years Ann brought back a pawpaw leaf so her granddaughter could share it with her class as they were gathering leaves for the class. What Ann didn’t know is that there’s a pawpaw tree within walking distance to her house. Johhny said he is glad that Ann just had one birthday a year as she went out to eat lunch and stayed until almost suppertime. Her daughter Sue Wagner took Ann out to lunch, then shopping, and then ran some errands. I baby-sat for my daughter Anna Nottingham as she had to take chubby cheeks Kyle to a doctor’s appointment. Kyle is going to be a mamaw’s little man. You should see this baby when I walk in. If you ever want to feel special, visit a grandchild, at least that is the way with me. Grandchildren love you no matter how fat you are, or how thin. If I were as pretty in every one’s eyes as I am to my granddaughters, well I would be a movie star. They never fail to tell me how much they love me. However when they sleep with me, sometimes I wonder if that is true? I have spoiled my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold so much that his mom Angie Wiederhold is threatening to pack his clothes and send him to my house for good. Well, this column is going to be short as I am getting ready to head out the door going the mountains of eastern Kentucky. All I have to do is pack the car, which I should have done last night. Frick and Frack, I haven’t heard anything from you guys so I hope you are staying out of trouble. In fact I haven’t talked to Polly Ann Maucher this week either. Jennifer Collins thought

about riding through with me, except she has a little dog and has no one to care for it. My dancing partner Alphine Stacy was all set to go, then she got to thinking about being away for a few days since she has tropical fish, and two parakeets! I thought about telling them, “Hey Alphine, put the fish in a small amount of water, stick the birdcage in the car.” I also thought about telling Jennifer to put her little dog in a carrier and say, “Here we come.” Now I have been accused of looking like one of the Beverly Hillbillies, so I may as well start a Noah’s Ark on wheels! Then I thought we didn’t have a portable air pump. I never thought that maybe we could have got a small hose and let Alphine, Jennifer and me blow into the fish tank, as we sure have enough wind. Alphine is from Casey County. We had even planned to take a detour from London, and travel on through her part of the country until we became worried about her fish. I am so thankful I have no pets. Sometimes I get some smart remarks made to me because I don’t like cats or dogs in the house. That is my choice. I am not an animal hater, I just don’t want the responsibility. I am a clutter bug, pack rat, and I sure could see what my house would look like with animals. My daughter Anna Nottingham has a cat and a dog, plus the neighborhood cat thinks he is the boss of their house. If all goes well I will get to see and listen to East KY Tyme play at the Stables in Partridge Friday night. First I have to stop to see my sister Loretta Church at Letcher Manor Nursing Home, go visit my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall, then on to my brother Richie and Wanda Hall’s then go to the cemetery to visit my brother Wallace Lee’s grave. Oh how I dread this task. Saturday I am going to spend the day at Blackey to hear the bands that I have wanted to see for a long time. Well this is going to get on its way and so am I. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, telephone: 513-367- 4682, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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