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Ohio having cold weather

Hello everyone! I sure hope you haven’t laundered that long handled underwear and put it away, as it looks like you are going to be needing them right up to July.

It is downright cold at night and early morning here in this portion of the Ohio Valley area. I have turned my heat down a couple of times during the day. I really think except for a couple of nights the heat has been on. I am still using my electric blanket.

I was hoping I would have propane left over to carry me into next winter. Well, I will just worry about that when it gets here.

As you may know I am still thinking about the last two trips to the mountains I call home. The beauty of the redbud trees still lingers, with the clean white dogwoods blooming also. The past weekend there were several different shades of luscious green color covering the mountains. Oh, the beautiful bushes in some yards as I passed.

I am still reveling in the beauty of Russ and Annette Aker’s yard and garden as I drove past, not knowing for certain that it was where they live as I had left the directions at home that Annette had given me. Annette cared enough about me to tell me to stop to get some lettuce, as my son loves wilted lettuce and onions.

Even though she had a brother in the hospital that she is losing, she still thought of others. Annette and I are distant relations, but I would love her regardless. She remembers that my mom used to wear small gold hoop earrings. In fact I really don’t recall Mommy ever wearing any other kind of earrings.

Mom didn’t know about styles of clothes, just so she had something clean to wear. I remember one time Mom put on something flowered and I think checked together, and I did ask her if she didn’t have a solid color.

Mom replied, “Hmm, Rosella, if people don’t like what I wear, they can turn their head.” That was the end of that conversation.

My mom was clean no matter what she wore, and the house was always immaculate. You could go there at midnight and not a thing was ever out of place.

Please keep Annette and her family in your prayers as they deal with the pain of losing a loved one. God knows I can relate to this.

My brother Richie Hall’s birthday was May 26. Richie has been gone seven years and I still miss him so much. Life goes on, yet you can’t fill the void that is left by a loved one.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Annette Akers, as I just found out her brother passed away.

Well after fighting with State Farm Insurance for a year, I finally got in touch with the right person with Ohio Insurance that is over all the insurance companies. State Farm will pay for a whole roof, not just half which was less than $2,000 after my deductible.

My ceiling was damaged since another windstorm blew off more shingles, causing a leak. State Farm will pay for that also, along with putting new aluminum siding on the garage.

It has been a long hard battle, since two adjusters thought they were so smart, denying my insurance claim. Even my son Keith Ballard wanted me to give up the fight and let him hire someone to fix the roof since it is very steep, and he didn’t want to try to do it himself. I wouldn’t give in, and thank God I didn’t.

I will have a new roof before long, and then a ceiling, and maybe I will get new carpet. Who knows? Maybe I will get rid of some clutter that needs to find a new home. It is amazing what you can accumulate in almost 60 years. It is thrown away after we are gone.

As I watch, the things that the lady I cleaned for many years are being given away to charity. It is heartbreaking, as she kept all the kids’ toys, beds, and high chairs, and the kids now live in faraway places and don’t want that stuff.

At least someone will enjoy her beautiful Christmas decorations. At least I hope they do. I miss Nancy very much along with my friend Betty Ison.

One time I was at Betty’s on my birthday. Betty had gotten me a birthday cake with red icing. We both started laughing at the same time, as our lips were red from the cake icing, plus our tongues and even our teeth.

Betty and Doyle had a visitation at the funeral home later in the evening. Betty and I would share a laugh about that incident for a long time afterwards. We made plans to go to the mountains and it was never possible.

Saturday evening, Vicki Power and I went on an adventure to Front Street Café in new Richmond, to see Ma Crow & Co. it was wonderful to see this group.

Margie Dress and I share the same birthday. Vicki Abbot plays bass. This time Bill Cheatham played different instruments. Ma Crow would be great just singing by herself.

I am planning on getting out a little more if health permits.

Campbel l ’ s Branch Community Center will be having a first square dance Friday, May 31. Please attend this event. Wid Fields will be the caller. Come hungry as there’s always a meal before the music.

There won’t be a square dance at Carcassonne Community Center for the month of June. Seedtime on the Cumberland will be having a square dance there.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing pretty well at the time. Johnny is trying to grow a little garden, if the deer don’t get everything that comes up.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner and the whole clan.

Don’t forget to check out Libby Smith’s Paparazzi Jewelry on the computer or Bow Barns Antiques. It is really very pretty jewelry.

Just a reminder with summer arriving, this means grass is growing and will need mowing. Please give Jack’s Lawn Care Service a call, cell – 606-335-7179 or home – 606-633-9925.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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