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Ohio irises are finally blooming

Hello once again. Are you as tired of rain as I am? It seems for the past several months that is all we have seen in this area! Sorry to start this column complaining, and I know I have stated that I try to look at the bright side, but it just gets sort of difficult sometimes.

As I watch the news of people’s homes being destroyed by flooding, I wonder what a difficult thing it would be to know that your homes are being destroyed so a town can be saved. It is bad enough just to go through a flood and losing everything, but to know this is planned is horrible.

At the present time it looks as if we might be in for a nice weekend if the fog ever lifts so I can see across the hayfield in front of our house. My irises are blooming so beautifully at this time, I just keep walking outside to look at them.

I received an email from a former Letcher County girl, Betty Pratt Jones. Betty is from the Craft’s Colly area but now calls Springfield home. She says she really enjoys reading my column in The Mountain Eagle. I appreciate every comment from each and every one of you.

As I have said before, there are times I feel like throwing in the towel, and then someone like Betty sends me an email.

Betty’s husband recently had surgery. I hope he is doing alright.

Betty worked for Ben Gish’s (the editor of The Mountain Eagle) family when Ben was a child. Betty said they were wonderful to work for.

This is a difficult time for me as my daughter Anna Nottingham and her family may move to Florida. It seems my son-in-law Scott’s job has taken a drastic cut in pay. Scott can retire from the police department in 15 months. My children have never lived very far from me except when my son Keith Ballard was in the Navy many years ago. Scott said the house they are looking at has four bedrooms and there’s room for me to come visit. What Scott doesn’t know and may surprise him is it might be a mighty long visit. Of course I may be the one in for a surprise as he may send me packing.

Scott is recuperating from his neck surgery. I watched baby Kyle last Wednesday while Anna had some minor surgery. Kyle is growing too fast. This time he didn’t cry on me, he smiled and giggled and cooed. Kyle’s is four months old.

I just noticed what I had written about my children never being away from me and felt sort of sad and kind of tickled at the same time. I left Mommy and Daddy’s before I was old enough to be on my own, and here I am fretting because my 38-yearold daughter with a family of her own is going to move. At least she has a good husband, not one that mistreats her or cheats on her. Southern Ohio

Gwen Huff Farmer was planning a trip to the Kingdom Come reunion, and then her daughter Letha surprised her with plans to visit Gwen. It has been some time since Gwen has seen Letha so she won’t be able to go to the reunion.

Gwen hasn’t been able to get her garden plowed as it has been too wet.

I would like to go to Ralph Stanley’s Festival Memorial Weekend, but I know I can’t go so there’s no use thinking about it.

I was talking to Ann Calihan and she said Johnny is doing real well. I spoke to Johnny for a few minutes. I told him he’d better be on his best behavior as he can’t run to get away from Ann.

Johnny and Ann’s daughter Carol is in the hospital as she is having trouble with her foot. Carol is a diabetic so she has to be careful. Carol was on vacation and started having problems. I know the dangers of being a diabetic since I am the only one of six siblings that this disease isn’t affecting. That is why my brother Wallace Lee Hall and my sister Loretta Church had to get their legs removed. They had complications from diabetes plus not taking proper care of themselves. I really need to watch my diet, which I don’t either.

My brother Richie Hall hasn’t been feeling very well lately as his heart is acting up again. I guess our brother Robert is doing all right.

I did talk to my brother Jerry Hall for a few minutes. I was so sleepy I was heading for bed when he called, I think it was about 7:30 p.m.

I have been a party-pooper lately! I go to the doctor in a couple of weeks to have my iron checked again.

Bernice Grubbs of Payne Gap, has a sister- in- law in very serious condition. Please keep her in your prayers as she needs a liver transplant.

Please remember a very sweet young woman, Melissa Shultz of Middletown, in your prayers. Missy has a passel of relatives in the Johnson Fork area, (now known as Premium) which I still want to call Hot Spot.

Through the Facebook website I see Martha Breeding spent several days in Mexico, which she enjoyed immensely. It must be nice to be able to travel like this, though I rather be where I can drive. I have never been on a plane and don’t intend on ever going on one.

Now I can’t say I lead a boring life because I sure don’t. If I can’t find excitement one way, I will create it. Sunday morning I decided I wanted some bacon and eggs, but as it turned out I spilled bacon grease on the electric burner when I raised the griddle. The flames leaped so high that it scared me so bad. I tried to put the fire out, and each time it just got worse, so I called 911 for the fire department and then I had put it out before they got here.

I called back to try to cancel but they were already in front of the house. They used a fan to get the smoke out.

I felt embarrassed for calling the fire department.

I wish I could say my day got better but later that evening I went to pick up my son Keith and his friend and I did an old trick of mine, I locked my keys in my car. Lucky I was only four or five miles from the house and Keith has the keys to the house. I had my house keys, cell phone and everything in the car.

On the way to take Keith to Cincinnati, someone came across the double yellow lines within inches of hitting my car on the driver’s side, and if that wasn’t enough, it happened again about a block farther on the same street.

When I finally made it home, I didn’t get out of my house from Sunday evening to Tuesday.

For those of you who live in Ohio and read The Mountain Eagle, there’s a Bluegrass Benefit at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, 509 Sports Street, Fairborn, Ohio on June19. I think this starts at 10. For information call: 937-878-9211. This is being put on by Norma Ashcraft of Englewood. Norma lived in the Blackey area when she was young.

May 27, William Caudill & Route 7 Band will be playing at the Hemphill Community Center. For those interested in getting a copy of Will’s CD ‘Blackey On my Mind,’ you can order one from: Will Caudill, 1120 Old Dixon Road, Blackey, KY 41804. The CDs are $15 and that covers shipping.

I still have a few copies of my book ‘The Beauty of a Rose’ if anyone is interested.

It would be a sad time for me if Will ever decides to take the videos that are made by Wanda Lene Watts Whitehead off the computer. I watch these every day.

Don’t forget the Kingdom Come reunion on May 28. I understand Bonnie Ingram is expecting a good turnout.

Happy birthday to my brother Richie Hall, May 26, and to Mark Roark who also has a birthday May 26.

I hope to see Richie and Wanda before long. Their neighbor and longtime friend Alf is very ill. People, we never know what life has in store for us. I guess it is a good thing.

Hello Bruce Jones. Have you got a security light so you can see if Richie is trying to get into your pea patch?

Kevin Ison is having his family reunion on the July 4 weekend. Even though I am not family, Kevin invited me, but since I haven’t lost any weight to get in a bikini, I guess I won’t be attending. It was mighty nice of him to think of me.

I was looking forward to holding the hand of Frick or Frack Ison, whichever Michael is. Hello, you two, I hope you are staying out of trouble.

Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb attended the annual fish fry at Bill and Mary Halcomb’s church, and everyone had a good time.

Hello to Bill and Mary. I hope your granddaughter is better. Linda Whitaker Day, a big mountain howdy to you and all your family.

Polly Maucher came home to a surprise as Cenia Fay and her husband Collin Graves, along with Linda’s son Shane and Billy Vern York had stopped by to visit. Polly was out gadding about, and missed them.

Now, Cenia if the Kentucky Wildcats had been playing basketball, I might say Polly might have been hiding!

Polly and I both watch a bluegrass music show on television each Saturday night, especially the one that has been recorded at Bill Monroe’s home place at Rosine.

Hello to Betty and Doyle Ison. If it ever gets warm enough I will be coming your way!

Well, I am going to get this on its way. So until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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