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Mostly sunny

Ohio resident flees to Florida for the winter

Hello to everyone in Kentucky

and Mountain Eagle

readers. I’m sorry it’s been months since I’ve written to

The Mountain Eagle.

Since September I’ve been pretty busy getting ready to come to Florida. I’m here now for the winter with my sisters, Norma Jean and Christine.

Christine lives beside me. We have steppingstones from my door to her back door. We get to see one another every day and visit often, and if I have good gravy and biscuits I’ll holler for her. If she has mustard greens and good old soup beans and salmon, she has me over.

My sisters, Jean and Shirley, don’t like greens or fried cabbage. Christine and I love them.

Norma Jean lives with her son, Billy, in Port Charlotte for the winter. It’s only 10 miles south of here. We go visit her quite often. We all go out shopping and we eat out a lot, especially at the Golden Corral.

We all go to church every Sunday and I enjoy that.

Christine has a birthday coming up on Feb. 9. She will be 70 years old. I want to wish her a happy birthday and many more.

Also, Norma Jean has her birthday on Feb. 15. She will be 73. Happy birthday to her.

They will be mad at me for telling their ages, but we’ve all been blessed. God has been really good to us.

My sister, Shirley, was here with me for two months, but she left on Dec. 18 to go back to Ohio for Christmas. Then she left on the 21st for Seattle, Wash., to spend some time with her granddaughter and great-grandson. But the weather will not be warm in Washington like it will be here soon.

It’s been chilly here in Florida for over a week. I’ve had to cover my plants up. It got down to 32 at night. It’s supposed to get back into the 70s by the weekend.

My son, Jimmy, was living here with me, but he moved to North Carolina. I miss him a lot. He went there to look for work. He will be living near my daughter, Beverly. I spent Christmas with her and stayed with her over two weeks and enjoyed every day I was there.

Both she and I enjoyed our granddaughters, Jimmy’s daughter, Halli, and Beverly’s granddaughter, Chyna. Both girls have fun and played so much they wore themselves out.

I talked to my son, Bobby. He said that there was still a lot of snow on the ground in Ohio. I’m just glad I’m in Florida, but I miss him and his family.

I’m trying to talk my sister, Reba, and her husband, Henry, into coming down for a couple of months out of that cold weather.

Their daughter, Barb, lives in Milbourn, Fla., and they come and visit her sometimes. I hope they stay well. I miss them both. We’re together a lot when I’m back in Ohio.

I want to wish my brother, Douglas, and his wife, Von Gibson, a belated happy anniversary. They celebrated it on Jan. 28.

Hello to my brother, Joe, and his wife, Mary. They live in Kentucky, along with all

their family. He gets The

Mountain Eagle. My sympathy to Mary. Her sister, Mavis Bentley, died in December.

I was so sorry to hear of the death of Eva Slone. She was a wonderful person. I knew her when I was a little girl. She was kinfolk. The family has all of my family’s love and sympathy.

Get well wishes to my nephew, Earl Gibson, and brother-in-law, Troy Gross. Get well soon.

I hope all the sick and shut-ins will be well soon, and that everyone will have a happy year.

God bless you all, and my prayers are with you until the next writing.

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