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Ohio resident listens to bluegrass on WMMT

Hello everyone!

As usual holidays are difficult for me so I do as little as I can get by with.

I hope everyone had a delightful Easter! It was rather quiet here as my son Keith had to work. I did fix a small meal and had it ready when Keith got home. Nothing fancy, a small ham, potato salad and deviled eggs, not knowing when he was getting off work sort of put a damper on fixing anything.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold first decided she was going to fix dinner, then decided she wanted to go to church. Angie got feeling bad, but she didn’t call me until it was too late or I would have taken her food as she said she just fixed a TV dinner for her and Bennie.

Friday, I spent the afternoon with my little sidekick Bennie, and we had lunch at Frisch’s. Before we left Bennie saw a Frisch’s bank in the showcase, and yes his Mamaw got him one.

It was raining so I drove to Forest Fair Mall, and that place was deserted. I thought there was an indoor play area. Bennie spends too much time on the computer and watching videos, so I wanted to find something so he could get some exercise.

It was a good day, but Saturday my feet were swollen so bad I could hardly walk through the house.

It has been a long time since I have tuned into the Appalshop to listen to Bluegrass Express Live with Willard and Angie Hall. Tommy Webb Band opened for Gary Breyer & The Kentucky Ramblers.

Gary is as good as they get when it comes to playing claw hammer. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Brewer many years ago.

Southern Ohio

Just when I was about ready to throw in the towel and say I was glad I wasn’t in the audience, Gary came through with “Walking in the Parlor” and “Cindy”. I bet if my sister-in-law Mattie Hall was in the audience, she was dancing.

It is so hard to sit here tonight listening to WMMT as I can almost hear my brother Jerry Hall’s voice in the audience. Jerry loved bluegrass music even more than I do, if that is possible. He would play his radio always tuned to Appalshop or Big D from Hazard.

My husband and I would take Jerry and Mattie to different bluegrass music events when they would come and stay with us at different times.

It is so hard to realize Jerry will be gone a year. I still have his last phone call to me on my answering machine.

It used to be a ritual for my dear friends Gwen Huff Farmer, Shirley Wells and me to be on the computer on Thursday nights to listen to WMMT. Then on Tuesday nights we would always listen to WDVX with Alex Leach from Knoxville, Tenn.

Alex would always say hello to Gwen, Shirley and me as I would call and tell him we were all listening from three different states.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible Gwen and Shirley are both gone.

Belated happy birthday to Gwen’s son, Glen Farmer Jr., on April 5.

Happy birthday to Betty Ison on April 8.

Doyle and Betty are still not up to par as this winter has been rough on them.

Les and Pat Wagner spent a few days in the mountains. One of these days I am going to sneak down when they are down home.

Hello Polly and Becky Hasty. James and John Ison, I am sorry that sometimes I forget to say hello to you guys. I see your pictures on the computer, and you two are making such handsome young men. Les will say you take after him.

I haven’t talked to Johnny and Ann Calihan, and I hope they had a good Easter with their family

Richard Caudill, Bryce Caudill and Ben spent a day or so at Carr Creed Lake, camping and fishing.

Ricky was checking out the fishing spot when a beaver chased him. I hear a little bear has been chasing Ricky. Well, this time he outran the beaver.

I know Ricky is waiting impatiently for the weather to get warm so he can get riding on the mountain.

As usual it is getting late so until next time.

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