Whitesburg KY

Ohio residents return to Letcher County

Northeast Ohio

Howdy to all you good friends and family. Do hope everyone had a great weekend and the weather didn’t spoil any picnics or cookouts.

I must say we really had a good Memorial weekend. We got into Pound, Va., Thursday, rested a bit, then went over into Kentucky and visited with Red’s sister, Jean, awhile. Friday morning, we went to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast, where we were joined by my sister, Anna Lea, and two of Red’s sisters, Nina and Jean, his brother, Charles, and Delores, his wife, a niece, Frances, and her husband, Bill Howard. Their son, Greg, and Jean’s son, Gary, and of course Valerie, Red, and I were there.

After eating and sitting around gabbing a long time, Valerie, Red and I, along with Charles, Delores, and Nina, went to the Little Shepherd Trail, where Bob requested his ashes be spread. (He really loved going there.) After spending some time and a brief but heartfelt prayer by Charles, we decided to go to Cumberland to Hardees for a snack.

Saturday morning, we went back to Pine Mountain Grill again for another breakfast (this is our favorite place to eat). This time we were joined by Nina, Frances, Bill, and Charles from Jenkins; Jean, Gary and Angela from Eolia; Mae, Lena, Phillip and Teri from Pound, Va.; Greg from Whitesburg, and Anna Lea from Whitesburg, also Teri and Phillip’s grandson from West Virginia.

As I was getting ready to go inside I stopped to talk to three beautiful people. They were with the Brown group and waiting for the others. I had a most enjoyable chat with them and they said to tell everyone they really loved me and I must say I love them. They were Carlos and Judy Brown and Lillian Buford, all from Lexington. I later got to meet the rest of the clan and what a nice pleasant group they were, the kind you want to call friends.

There was Dell Vertrice Sumpter of Asheville, N.C.; Darrell and Joyce Fields from Jacksonville, N.C.; Margarette and Larry Jones form Otisco, Ind.; Billy and Eva Elkins and Gene and Dianah Brown from Louisville; Sandra Hale, Tia Gibson, and Abbiegayle Wing from Sheperdsville; L.T. and Wanda Miller from Belva, West Va.; and J.J. Miller from Jeffersonville. Howdy, all, and hope to see you next year, same time, same place.

I also got to meet some of The Mountain Eagle personnel. They were so nice, but I must admit I was almost embarrassed. It’s one thing to have someone print my amateurish writing, but to meet them face to face is a bit different. I wonder if my face turned red. Hello to Sarah Gish Oakes, Sally Oakes Barto, Tommy Oakes, Freddy Oakes, and Grant Barto. Meeting all of you was a pleasure. I also got to see Oma Hatton, such a beautiful and gracious lady. Hello, Oma, hope all is well with you and yours.

Anna Lea and I did some shopping and visiting. We always try to spend most of one day together. We went to the Fabric Shop for some quilting supplies, and to Dry Fork Market for some Lloyd Roe Molasses. Found some and now I can bake a stack cake. We visited a cousin, Geneva Profitt. She looked so good and seems to be doing really well. We got to see three of her children, Betty and husband, Rita and Donny. I just love visiting there. As we were leaving, I got to see another cousin, Darrell Profitt. I don’t know how long it’s been since I saw him last; he must have been a small boy.

Anna and I went back to the Grill for a late lunch, where we met Red and Charles, who had also been visiting relatives and the cemetery where Chalmer is buried.

Sunday morning. we had breakfast at Kountry Kitchen in Pound, Va. I had biscuits and gravy, very good. Then we went on to Flat Gap for the picnic. There was enough food to feed all of Flat Gap, well, almost.

We had a good crowd, got 83, though some may not have signed in. There were Jean Hunsucker, Gary and Angela; Carleta Adams; James and Sam Maggard; Trillis, Velma and Pedro Adams; Langley Engle; Kelvin Engle; Cindy and Hunter; Alan, Pauline, Hannah and Lee Lee Engle; Bennie and Janie Sturgill Kimberly and Kaitlyn, all from Eolia; Mae Sowards; Tammie and Austin Sowards; Phillip and Teri Short; Lena Stallard; Jacob and Hannah, Matthew, Tammie, Caity, Maddie, Ally, Ben and Eli Stallard; Carol Sowards Craft and Julie from Pound, Va.; Alfred, Margret, and Makenna Engle; Steven, Casandra and Kilmeny Sproles from Wise, Va.; Jim and Janet Bolling and Orbin Engle from Blackwater, Va.; Debbie Maggard and Chris and Mahala Bates from Blackey; Brandon, Shelly, and Emma Howard from Cumberland; Wendell, Brenda, Kali, and Leah Sturgill from Partridge; Jason Maggard and baby Audrey Mattison from McRoberts; Greg Howard, and Maureen Mullinax from Whitesburg; Troy and Julia Engle from Glen Rock, Pa.; Onsby and Irma Perry from Nickelsville, Va.; Macy Perry from Mt. Carmel, Tenn.; Evonne Blankenship with Cody and Sebastian Johnson, no address given; and Valerie, Red, and Emma Engle from Lorain, Ohio.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy being together and eating and swapping some tall tales. I think some overdid themselves at the table, not me (yeah, right). We are all looking forward to next year.

We got home Monday and Tuesday I picked enough mustard greens to put three goodsized packs in the freezer, with enough for dinner for four. Bill and Redia came by and ate with us. We still had enough for the two of us another meal.

It’s been downright cold here until this afternoon. It finally warmed up some. Some places had frost this morning.

Just found out today that the Letcher Co. picnic will be Sept. 13 at Mill Hollow Park in Vermilion, Ohio from 1 to 7 p.m. Looking forward to seeing lots of y’all there.

I’d better stop. Bill has to send this off for me. Catherine has been working lots of extra hours and is worn out.

Wishing everyone a bright and sunny summer. Stay well. Stay happy. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, 440-233-7548, emmaengle@aol.com, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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